Provepharm is an affiliated company of Provepharm Solutions, devoted to the development and marketing of pharmaceutical grade Methylene Blue (or Methylthioninium Chloride) Proveblue™.Read more

Provepharm Solutions is a member of Eurobiomed, a non-for-profit organisation accredited by the French government as a "competitive cluster". There are 71 "competitive clusters" in France and Eurobiomed is one of eight Biotechnology - Pharma clusters.

Provepharm Solutions is a member of AFSSI, a non-for-profit organisation gathering French companies pursuing a dual business model of services and innovations in the field of Life Sciences. As of 2014, the association includes more than 100 active members.
Provepharm Solutions is sponsored by PACA investissement via FEDER funds.

Several innovation-oriented R&D projects conducted by Provepharm Solutions are sponsored by BPI France.